Solving Haiti's Sanitation Problems

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Haiti has one of the worst sanitation problems in the western world. There is a huge problem with human waste in Haiti's watersheds and drinking water.

Please provide proposed solutions in comments below.

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Sanitation PSA by Haitian rappers, tips to avoid cholera

This song is meant to reach young people, using rap to achieve public awareness about sanitation and avoiding cholera. Please share broadly. Send to radio stations.

Yon sel lanmou,

Sustainatopia and Composting Toilets: April 18 - April 25

Getting buy-in at a budget level from individual donors has been challenging for all of us who are trying to step away from exasperating legacy systems, especially when it comes to sanitation issues. I also agree that the potable water equation needs to have a composting play in order to over come the rural and topographic realities that exist in the Haitian country side. I see however several pathway that should be taken and nascent relationships that should be triggered in order to pilot and set the standards in place. I will start framing it over the weekend.

Concurrently, we should have our own media vehicle to stake this claim and bring awareness to this issue and introduce it to key decision makers and media amplifiers and gatekeepers. I have been taxed with creating segments of programing for Sustainatopia. This year they have various global news and media partners, therefore its going to the next level. I will be staging various Resilience System convergence events in and around water, we have an H20 exhibit coming down with Cynthia Reeves Gallery, which is in direct talks with I have a closed Media dinner with all the media partners and key celebrity partners to bring light to issues just like this. Finally, I am part of the Sustainatopia Honors again this year and I wanted to put together some footage and messaging around this issue.

I am hoping this spotlighting can trigger some pilot funding, if not shed light on the issue for media to propagate out to the world. I hope I can count on you and all of the partners to be engaged and part of this years convergence.

Systainatopia will be held between April 18th to 25th.

Look forward to any and all feedback.
The planning has already begun, and I will have a press kit for the dinner event this weekend. I will have an initial release for the H20 program next week. The other convergence events will be sent out starting next week as well, which will include the Resilience System Convergence Meeting.

Hope you and the team can get behind it.

Albert Gomez
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Promoting Humanure Composting in Haiti and Why It Matters -Video

"... In a situation where there are no sewers, and human waste is already being carted off and essentially dumped, the idea of establishing simple, easy to maintain systems for composting large amounts of human waste is basically dynamite.

It sure as heck beats pooping in your drinking water."

This Treehugger article proposes a composting toilet solution to the Haiti's severe sanitation problems. This article includes videos on composting techniques.

For more information:

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