Haiti - FLASH : EDH (Electricité d'Haïti), 30 Circuits of 32 Out of Service

haitilibre.com - August 25, 2012

The Directorate General of the Electricity of Haiti EDH) informs the population that due to the passage of Isaac, 30 circuits of the metropolitan area, on 32 were taken out of the network, pending the inspection of technical teams dispatched on the ground.

At the same time, 8 teams visit each circuit, to find anomalies and remedy before restoring power.

So far areas of Tabarre and of Clercine seem to have suffered much damage. Company teams are already on site to assess the situation.

The Directorate General of the EDH asks the population, when finding anomalies (broken poles, broken cables, fire, etc...) to contact the emergency service of the institution immediately so that electricity can be restored in the shortest possible time.

Emergency Service of the EDH : 2813-1641, 2816-1676, 2816-1677, 2816-1678, 2816-1679

Update 4h24 pm : Currently the teams on the ground continues to progress and to restore electricity in some areas of the capital. Currently, work in progress concerning :

1. Hospital Asile Français
2. Turgeau
3. Pacot
4. Downtown of Port-au-Prince
5. Avenue Christophe
6. Peguy Ville
7. Downtown of Pétion-Ville
8. Airport road (north side)

Circuit currently under services :
1. Downtown, partly, among other General Hospital, Police Station of Port-au-Prince, Street Capois, National Palace, St. François de Salle, Radio Caraïbes
2. Road of Dalles & Street Monseigneur Guilloux
3. Delmas 31 (en partie)




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EDH: Update - Situation in Port-au-Prince and in the Great South

haitilibre.com - August 26, 2012

The Directorate General of the EDH is working in order to make operational all electrical networks damaged during the passage of Isaac in Haiti and informs us that 7 of the 32 circuits are back in service, in Port-au Prince.

The following neighborhoods are served : Downtown (fully restored) ; Avenue Christophe (restored) ; Road of Dalles ; Street Monseigneur Guilloux ; Hospital Asile Français ; Martissant ; Peguy Ville.

The teams of the EDH are currently working on the circuits of : Road of Frères ; Turgeau ; Pacot ; Downtown of Pétion-Ville ; Carrefour Feuille [recently fallen] ; Delmas 19/31 [recently fallen].

Technicians have worked on Airport Road all Saturday afternoon and will continue their operations Sunday morning.

In the great South, particularly in the city of Jacmel, where significant damage were recorded (broken wires, broken poles etc..) local technicians have sought and received additional support in order to perform the necessary repairs, to this end, 2 teams of Port-au-Prince will go to Jacmel this Sunday in the first hour, to help their colleagues to restore service in the zone. Meanwhile, the technicians of Jacmel of the EDH took the decision to impose a general blackout in the city, in order to ensure the safety of the population until they can inspect and repair the damage.

The teams of the EDH in Les Cayes, are quickly intervened Saturday and now the 3 circuits of the city are functional and serve the population.

In addition, Mr. Dorval Loudger, Chargé de mission for the great South, has indicated that the network of Jérémie has not undergone significant damage, but stressed the need to renovate the network.

The Directorate General of the EDH and the Technical Directorate invite the public to continue to report any anomalies (broken poles, broken cables, fire, etc..) by calling its emergency service : 2813-1641 / 2816-1676 / 2816-1677 / 2816-1678 / 2816-1679/4799-8025


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