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Crisis-mapping technology has emerged in the past five years as a tool to help humanitarian organizations deliver assistance to victims of civil conflicts and natural disasters. Crisis-mapping platforms display eyewitness reports submitted via e-mail, text message, and social media. The reports are then plotted on interactive maps, creating a geospatial record of events in real time.


Biofuels and the Problem of Tropical Islands, part I of II

Image: Growing new forests - April 29th, 2013 - Jim Lane

Few places are as long on beauty yet short on energy as a tropical island.

Geology denies them fossil fuels for cheap fuel, powerful export incomes, or fertilizers. Heavy rainfall brings them thin soils better suited to growing wood than staple crops.


Haiti Aiming to Plant 1.2 Million Trees in a Single Day

The big dig is planned for May 1. It's part of an ambitious government effort to reforest the country after suffering from landslides and desertification. - by Rashmee Roshan Lall | Christian Science Monitor – Mon, Apr 29, 2013

Haiti, one of the world’s most deforested countries, launches its first national tree-planting program next month. President Michel Martelly’s government calls the effort “a big signal” that the administration is determined to reverse environmental degradation and address one of the main causes of poverty on the Caribbean island.

NHAHA March-April Health Updates Newsletter

The National Haitian American Health Alliance (NHAHA)


The mission of the Haitian Health Alliance (HHA) is to improve the health and welfare of Haitians by enhancing communication, promoting and facilitating collaborative projects and fostering cooperative relationships among similar organizations through coordinated resource and information sharing, advocacy, capacity building and education.


Haiti - Building Resilience - by Justine Greening and Helen Clark - April 20, 2013

The eyes of the world may now be turned elsewhere, but Haiti remains one of the most vulnerable places on earth, battered repeatedly by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, landslides, drought, and epidemics.

Rather than waiting for the next disaster to hit, what can we do now to stop Haiti's susceptibility to these events?

Tweet - Haiti Commits National Budget Funds for Resilience - by Kristalina Georgieva - April 18, 2013

#Haiti commits nat budget funds for #resilience. "All Dev wasted if no resilience to disasters"

Haiti: rice plantations threatened by drought in the Artibonite Valley - April 4th, 2013 - Exalus Mergenat

Alors que la dernière récolte de riz dans diverses localités du bas artibonite a été ravagée fin décembre 2012 par une épidémie d’insectes, des plantations pour la campagne en cours ont été quasiment perdues en raison de la sécheresse qui s’abat sur toute la vallée de l’Artibonite, constate l’agence en ligne AlterPresse.

Cette sécheresse, signalée par le jaunissement des plantations de riz dans la vallée de l’Artibonite, aurait pour origine des travaux effectués par l’Électricité d’Haïti (ED’H) en vue d’alimenter les turbines hydro-électriques du barrage de Péligre.

Google translation to English is provided below:

While the latest crop of rice in various localities of the lower Artibonite has been ravaged by end of December 2012 an outbreak of insects, planting for the current year were almost lost due the drought that swept across the Artibonite Valley, says the online agency AlterPresse.

CEPR Report - Breaking Open the Black Box: Increasing Aid Transparency and Accountability in Haiti - April 2013, Jake Johnston and Alexander Main

Haiti - Ambitious Plan for Reforestation and Land Management

Haiti’s environment minister, Jean François Thomas, during the interview with IPS. Credit. Jean Reniteau/IPS - by Patricia Grogg

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Mar 20 2013 (IPS) - Droughts and floods, devastating hurricanes and soil erosion with a drastic impact on food security make Haiti extremely vulnerable to climate change and in need of enormous adaptation efforts.

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